Centered on the needs of the agriculture community, we provide data and insight that goes beyond what is available from government weather agencies and the inaccurate, advertisement-driven websites and phone apps.


Since 1992, Terry Snow and the Weather Advisory Service team have worked tirelessly to provide continuous support to our farmers, PCA's, shippers and marketers.  We understand the inherent risk each commodity faces due to weather.  Now as Weather Mission, we proudly support over 250 agriculture businesses across the United States and Mexico.


Each and every forecast product is written by a human forecaster, not a computer algorithm.  We provide detailed five-day specifics for parameters that concern growers, and an insightful forecast discussion covering the next 6 to 15 days.  Weather websites that claim to show 30-45 day forecasts are simply driven by historical climatology, by which, tactical farming decisions simply can not be made.



Just like every day is a work day for a farmer, we monitor weather conditions over our forecast areas every day of the year.  Our reports are issued via email and fax 6 days a week as standard procedure, and even 7 days a week when the weather situation calls for it, such as approaching showers or frost or freeze conditions during the critical vineyard budding period.

Weather Mission combines a very detailed, accurate, professional approach with a caring, personal touch that makes for an unequalled performance.

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